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Infusible Ink Sheets - Pastels Range


Infusible ink is special because when you apply heat, it goes through a chemical transformation and turns it into gas. At that point the ink comes off the transfer sheet and infuses directly into your project. Then, once the heat is removed and your project cools down, the ink turns back into a solid within your project and it is permanently infused into your project.


The transfer sheets are similar to a sheet of heat transfer vinyl where you cut out your design, mirrored where applicable (dependant on what your project is, for example with a coaster there was no need to mirror) and then press with a heat press to transfer the ink from the transfer sheet onto your project.


Application can be used by heat press, mug press or household iron (no steam).


These are 12" x 12" Infusible Ink Sheets. 


These are availble in a variety of colours and patterns, please see our other ranges:


PLEASE NOTE: The sheet looks a lot lighter before pressing! The magic happens when the heat is applied!




Cut Setting: Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet, pressure more (the weeding was really easy and pulled away effortlessly.

Settings for pressing times and temperatures vary depending on the item you are applying it too, please see below manufacturers guidance.



Manufaturors Guidance:



Material Temperature Time Pressure Ceramic 375ºF 180 seconds Mid - Pressure Fabric 385ºF 40 - 60 seconds Mid - Pressure Aluminium Sheet 385ºF 40 seconds Mid - Pressure Rubber Coaster 360 - 380ºF 60 - 80 seconds Mid - Pressure Coaster 375ºF 180 seconds Mid - Pressure Mouse Pad 365ºF 50 seconds Mid - Pressure Puzzle 360 - 380ºF 30 - 50 seconds Mid - Pressure

Infusible Ink Sheets - Pastels Range

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