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Teflon Sheets



Each sheet is 14" x 14"


Pack Size:
Available to purchase as one sheet or a pack of 3.


★ CHEMICAL RESISTANT ★ Teflon is very non-reactive and ideal for use with most chemicals. Because it is such an excellent insulator, these Teflon sheets are resistant to nearly all industrial chemicals and solvents. Teflon is also most commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical lab applications because it is one of the most acid resistant materials available.
★ LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION ★ Teflon heat transfer paper has the lowest coefficient of both the coefficient of kinetic friction and the coefficient of static friction of all known solid materials and it has the best electrical properties of all plastics. This allows for great stability in a wide range of different temperatures below 260℃.
★ WATERPROOF ★ Because of the amazing properties this Teflon paper offers, it can be wiped clean of any spills and therefore be reused over and over again. This is all possible thanks to the coating of fluorocarbon making it a solid with a weight made solely of carbon and fluorine in other words resistant to water.
★ PROTECTIVE BARRIER ★ Because of the protective barrier these non-stick sheets offer, it allows for high temperatures like using a heat press without damaging your crafting materials. Teflon works as a shield used on many textiles, including outerwear, upholstery, luggage and outdoor fabrics. It can prevent even the nastiest of oil spills, stains and water splashes.
★ FLEXIBILITY ★ This material can be used for a number of different crafting projects, like baking or for your Cricut easy press. Although it is made from high quality paper to protect from easy tearing it can be cut to fit all your crafting needs. With just a little bit of pressure on a utility knife and bending it slightly downwards you will get through the sheet neatly and with ease.

Teflon Sheets

VAT Included
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