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Teckwrap Self Adhesive Starter Pack


A fantastic way to boost your existing collection or start a brand new one!


Size: 12" x 12" x 22 Sheets  



Mirror Chrome Royal Pink, Glass Flower Silver, Glow In the Dark Lime, Pattern-Transparent Leopard, Glitter Black, Glitter Grape, Opal Hyacinth Blue, Opal White, Opal Peach Yellow Pink, Holographic Rose Gold, Holographic Glossy Silver, Holographic Sparkle Bright Blue, Holographic Sparkle Red, Holographic Sparkle Glitter Mermaid Pink, Textured Metallic Gold, Textured Metallic Champagne Gold, Satin Chrome Emerald Green, Satin Chrome Champagne Gold, 001 Glossy Ink Black, 001 Glossy Coconut White, Rainbow Stripes-Sunrise, Clear Color Changing Cold Green.


We would recommend the Teckwrap Transfer Sheets Pack to accompany this wonderful starter pack!!

Teckwrap Self Adhesive Vinyl - Starter Pack

VAT Included
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