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Are you one of those who love to give personalized, meaningful gifts to your friends and family; who avails every chance of showing their craft and workmanship? Acrylic Keychain blanks are just the product for you. The round discs are perfect to display your creativity and enhance the wow factor with your amazing designs.


Teckwrapcraft offers 5 pieces of round acrylic keychain blanks covered with a protective film to save them from damage. These come with tassels in 5 amazing colours. You can assemble these very easily using pliers to create impressive keychains and even colour-coordinate your design with the tassels provided. These can be used commercially or for organizing various keys used within a household. For commercial usage, you can get the company logo, motto, name or initials printed on them.


Our acrylic keychain blanks can be used in many creative ways. With the diameter of the round disc being 5cm, there is no dearth of space and thus, ideas. You just need to be a little inventive. When giving gifts for any special occasion, a personal touch is always appreciated and goes a long way. You can create your own exquisite designs on them using vinyl and give them as party favors. If it is a theme party, they can be made to match the concept and given to guests. They can be transformed into beautiful jewelry pieces such as pendants or necklace. For Christmas, you can make beautiful ornaments with them or simply use them for home decoration. They can also be made into backpack tags, zipper pulls and pet tags. Simply unleash your creativity and get going!


It is very easy to design our acrylic keychain blanks. You can use vinyl to create beautiful designs. With so many vinyl choices available, the sky is the limit as far as different patterns are concerned. If using vinyl, you can even transfer intricate design on them. You can also sublimate these acrylic discs, paint on them if you are good at art or simply use stickers to decorate them. It does not matter whether you are a novice or an experienced crafter, our acrylic keychain blanks are perfect to show everyone your skills.



  • Premium quality, clear acrylic round discs, 5cm in diameter.
  • 2.5cm in diameter, made of stainless steel. These come with a chain that is also 2.5cm long.
  • Tassels in 5 amazing colours made up of faux leather.
  • Remove the protective layer before use.

Teckwrap Round Arcylic Keychain Blanks

VAT Included
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