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Teckwrap Green Tone Starter Sheet Pack


Teckwrap Permament Self Adhesive Vinyl Starter Sheets!


12" x 12" Sheets x 8 in total and 2 sheets of Transfer Tape


Pack Includes:

  • Pearlescent Opal Lime
  • Holographic Sparkle Green
  • Holographic Glassflower Aqua
  • Shimmer Tiffany
  • Opal Peacock Blue
  • Holographic Rainbow Emerald Green
  • Satin Chrome Emerald Green
  • Mirror Chrome Emerald Green
  • 2 x Purple Grid Transfer Sheets


These are simply stunning and a great addition to an already exisiting collection or a great way to start sampling the Teckwrap range!



Teckwrap Green Tone Starter Sheet Pack

VAT Included
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