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TeckWrap Acrylic Bookmarks



Are you one of those who love to curl up with a book on your favorite couch for hours at end or when you think of giving someone a gift, it is either an interesting paperback or the accessories that are necessary for an awesome reading experience? If reading is your first love then acrylic bookmark blanks at Teckwrap Crafts are just what you need. They will not only make reading enjoyable without you ever missing the page you were on, but will also satiate your creative instinct. Yes, you can put your inventive cap on and personalize the bookmark with a distinctive design that will be your signature. A piece that no one else has!    

Our acrylic bookmark blanks are rectangular with slits at one end for ribbons or tassels. They are made of premium quality, durable and waterproof acrylic material. They come with a protective film that makes the bookmark scratch proof. Since they are blank, they leave a lot of room for creativity. You can paint, write, or imprint on them or decorate them with vinyl creating your own unique look. These personalized bookmarks can also serve as excellent souvenirs for your book club or one of the superb, eye-catching items that can be given as party favors.

An amazing fact about our acrylic bookmarks is that you do not only have to use them to mark the spot where you left reading your favorite book. You can think out of the box and use them as backpack tags or keychains. You can also make a jewelry item or a decorative accessory for your cellphone with them. You can use them for DIY projects or family and school crafts as well. Let your imagination run wild. Get these multi-purpose bookmark blanks and unleash your creativity!



  • Made up of plain, acrylic, waterproof material that is easy to design.
  • Covered with a protective film for scratch-free delivery.
  • The top edge is round to protect the paper from being torn or scratched.
  • A single set contains five blank pieces.
  • Size: 5.9 inch x 1.5 inch (15cm x4cm)
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Remove the protective layer before use

Teckwrap Acrylic Bookmarks

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