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UV Printed Self Adhesive Printed Decals


It is really hard to capture the Holographic effect on these stunning decals, however we hope we have managed to highlight how pretty these truly are!  If you would like to see how we captured the holographic finishes, please check out our socials on TikTok @teckwraptime


Here is the direct link to our video:


These are printed in-house on our UV Printer.  The decals are printed on to Teckwrap Holographic Rainbow Silver Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl.


Approximate Size: 7cm x 10cm


We have 41 designs in total to choose from, so please check out our other sections too!

Section 2:

  • The Grandmother
  • The Nurse
  • The Cat Lady
  • The Plant Lady
  • The Dog Mum
  • Official Salty Bitch
  • The Teacher


Teckwrap Red Grid Transfer Tape can be used, however this is a decal and not necesarry as the are available pre weeded.

Tarot Card Decals - Teckwrap Holographic Rainbow Silver - Section 1

VAT Included
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