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Snowglobe Pens - Fillable Floating Glitter Pens


Such a great idea for an unusual gift.  They can be filled with glitter, polymer clay slices, dried flowers, rhinestones or anything you can think of that will fit!


Each pen will come in three parts, the top where you fill, the stopper (to put in once filled), and the bottom that you write with (see picture).


Available in a choice of 5 Colours or a Pack of 5:

  • Rainbow
  • Pink 
  • White
  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Pack of 5 will be one of each colour (Black, White, Rainbow, Rose Gold and Pink)


Unfortunately, we will not be offering single colour packs of 5.


The ink is Black.

Snowglobe Pens - Floating Fillable Glitter / Rhinestone Pens

VAT Included
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