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Rhinestone Tray, Pen and Wax


This set contains:
 1 x Pink Rhinestone Applicator Stylus

1 x Green Tray

1 x Jelly Wax Square


The pink rhinestone applicator stylus is perfect to pick up your Rhinestones. This stylus allows you to pick the gems up and place them precisly where you would like them to go.


Our specially engineered trays have grooves in them which help you to line up the crystals before picking them up with the pen, and placing them on your project. 


Our jelly wax is needed for to prime your pink applicator stylus before starting - simply dip the nib of your pen into the wax, give it a gentle twist so that some wax enters the nib, and then press the wax down into the nib with your fingertip, to ensure its lodged securely. 

Rhinestone Tray, Pen and Wax

VAT Included
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