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Raspberry Ripple - Special Opal Chunky Glitter Mix


Special Opal Glitter Mix - Colourful Glitter Mix with Opal Glitter running through the mix.


Add some sparkle, glitter shapes or polymer clay slices to your projects!!


Our Glitters and Polymer Clay Shapes and Sprinkles are perfect for Snowglobes, Baubles, Epoxy Resin and many more craft projects.


ES Vinyl and Craft Glitter range is made from High Grade Polyester (PET Glitter) and all our glitters are tolerant to solvents of normal strength and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees.

Our glitter is made from a PET film with Ink Solvent Resistance.

They can absorb Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrocyanic Acid and Sulfer Dioxide and can mix with Glycerine and Distilled Water without bleeding into the solution.


PLEASE NOTE: High amounts of alcohol rub / spray may cause glitters that are deep / dark in colour to bleed if an excessive amount is used!

Our Glitters have all been tested to the highest standards by our manufacturers, ourselves and our customers, the results have been that glitters do not bleed into your solution.


Each bag is 2oz (56g).


Please note we have tried to capture the beauty of each of the glitters / polymer clay slices but images may vary on each monitor / screen.


For craft use only.

Raspberry Ripple - Special Opal Chunky Glitter Mix

VAT Included
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