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Teckwrap Holographic Sparkle Sheets Pack & Transfer Tape

Size: 12"x12" Sheets x 8 and 2 Matte Transfer Tape


Self Adhesive Permanent Vinyl


  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Bright Blue
  • Rose Gold
  • Green
  • 2 x Matte Transfer Tape


TEST CUT is always recommended.

Recommend to use with cutting mat/weeding hook/medium tack transfer tape for help.
Great for hand craft,home decor,signs, letters,banners,wall decals,window graphics,cars,glass mirrors,scrapbooking.
Compatible with most of craft cutters, die cutters, sign plotters for art, craft and hobby use.

How Apply:
1. Clean Surface - prepare target surface clean and dry with alcohol, the smoother the surface the easier to transfer the vinyl.
2. Design with cutter - put on a cutting mat that has a sticky back and cut the design by cutting machine.
3. Weeding the excess vinyl - leave the letters/graphics on the sheet (hook tools work well).
4. Apply the transfer paper - gently put a transfer tape on the surface of the cut vinyl.
Use a scraper over the design and make sure the transfer tape is adhering to the vinyl nice and tight.
5. Adhere it to the new clean and dry flat surface slowly- carefully work with delicate patterns.
6. Remove Transfer paper - rub the clear tape carefully from the center out to adhere the vinyl securely.

This is NOT heat transfer vinyl/NOT Printable Vinyl / willnot work with inkjet or laser printers.
Please note that colors appear slightly different on computer monitors.

Teckwrap Holographic Sparkle Sheets Pack & Transfer Tape

VAT Included
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