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Bamboo Beer Can Glasses - Vinyl or Sublimation


Bamboo Soda Can and Beer Can Clear Glass with Bamboo lid and Plastic Straw.  


Perfect for Self Adhesive Vinyl, UVDTF or Sublimation


16oz (550ml) - Beer Can 


Borosilicate Glass can withstand sudden changes in the temperature difference between hot and cold.  Temperture range - 68°F and 212°F


Please note each glass is individually bubblewrap and presented in its own individual white box.


Differences between the Libbey Glass and the Beer Can Glass:

Approximate Measurements:

The measurements of the 16oz Libbey cans are as follows:

Circumference 24cm - Height 13.8cm (total height)


The measurements for the 16oz Beer Cans are as follows:

Circumference 25cm - Height 15cm (total height)


We go by the manufacturers oz measurement, being 16oz for both the Libbey and Beer Can as per advised by the manufacturers description.  However, we have measured the volume of which these can both hold and the Libbey can does hold 16oz without the lid and the beer can holds up to 18oz of liquid.


We do not change manufacturers for our glass, this is the same as what we have always stocked.  Please be careful when choosing between the style of glasses.

Bamboo Beer Can Glasses 16oz - Vinyl, UVDTF or Sublimation - Plastic Straw

VAT Included
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