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Teckwrap Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl


Enjoy a pro artist experience with Teckwrap Craft’s Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl.


Etched with striking animal patterns, this vinyl roll can transform simple clothes into chic and stylish outfits.


Available in feisty Leopard and Cheetah prints, have fun creating peppy decals, slogans, shapes, and figures to stick on your favorite apparel. 


With a smooth, glossy finish, our heat transfer vinyl rolls easily rival professional fabric designs. Their thin yet durable texture makes it extremely easy to cut, shape, and stick to your desired fabrics. The material is conformable with a strong adhesive power making it gentle enough to stick on small accessories, apparel, and other home décor items like pillows, bed sheets, and aprons. 


This iron-on vinyl is waterproof and adheres nicely on smooth cotton fabric surfaces. Its colours and gloss remain fresh and brand new despite being used over and over. Gift a custom t-shirt or fashion accessory embellished with our Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl decals and you’ll definitely make someone’s day!



  • Available in A4 Sheets, 2.5ft, 5ft and 10ft Rolls.
  • Easy to cut and weed to any shape, size, or angle. 
  • Thin texture with long-lasting durability makes the vinyl super easy to work with unique animal prints that instantly stand out.
  • Smooth, shiny surface.
  • Ideal for dry, smooth cotton fabrics like pillows, aprons, bed sheets, bags, T-shirts, jeans, etc. 
  • Endless opportunities to personalize fashion apparel and accessories.

Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl

VAT Included
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