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Ritrama - Gemstone Glitter Vinyl


A choice of beautiful sparkly A4 Sheets.


Each sold separately in the following colours:

  • Beryl
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond 
  • White
  • Topaz
  • Rose Gold
  • Light Onyx
  • Fire Opal 
  • Powder Blue
  • Dusty Pink


The Ritrama range of cast gemstone glitter vinyl is suitable for exterior use for 5 years.

More glittery than the KPMF glitters, this range of cast vinyl is suitable for flat, curved and corrugated surfaces and for marine environments.

It is extremely difficult to photograph this product but could be best described as a metallic finish with fairy dust!

A4 Sheets - Ritrama Gemstone Glitter Vinyl - Self Adhesive

VAT Included
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